Lanzarote - Day 2

To say that today was inactive would be a very large understatement. I did however walk up and down a few flights of stairs (intentionally this time) in a bid to find more books. I found this one...

With this stellar review...

I had considered leaving a review of the current one I'm reading inside it for the next person. Slightly more detailed than this so as to actually be useful to someone picking it up!

Hey hotels? You spend so much time and money having branded toiletries printed, why not do bookmarks where people can write reviews on the back and leave them in the book? Cheap as, and I've never seen any hotels do this before, it would be a book lovers paradise.

Apart from that I was pretty much sedentary for the whole day. I had told people this in advance. No I would not be walking to the shops. No I would not be playing mini golf. It is my weekend and I am going to treat it as such.

The only variation to the day was eating in the fancy restaurant to belatedly celebrate mum and dad's wedding anniversary, which was the day we landed. With a Morrocan/North African theme I was worried that my food habits wouldn't be catered for but the menu looked like it would pass the test. It's not that I don't like lots of things it's that some I can't eat and some have no place being on a meat dish... dried fruit... I'm looking at you!

I attempted to get a few snaps but didn't want to be "that person" who takes thousands of shots with their flash in a dimly lit room so excuse the less than adequate lighting.

They brought us an amose-bouche (top left) it was served as a sort of mystery and there was some genuine surprise when we asked what was inside the crouquette. It was ham. And it was interesting. Clearly straight from a fridge the bizarrely cold jaw gluing filling wasn't entirely satisfying.

The starter was a prawn salad (top right) which as you can see is prawns and a purée guacamole with some hidden leaves. The thing I'd been looking forward to was the peach sauce, which you couldn't taste because there was hardly any there. Everything just tasted of guacamole.

I'd chosen duck confit for my main. You can't go wrong with that, and luckily they stuck to that rule. Served with confit onions, a berry sauce and apple... yes those things are apple and not potatoes. I was thrown by the lack of veg on the plate but the flavours all went well together. Much like my issues with the layout of this hotel, I was perplexed every time I sliced into a "potato" and heard the sound you get from an apple being cut.

Dessert was my downfall though. Profiteroles with a chocolate mousse filing. I hadn't even had enough dairy to make me queasy but after the course had been cleared away and we were talking I suddenly got hit with a wave of sickness.

That was me done for the night. I hit the hay and woke up feeling bright and breezy at 1.30am... needless to say I did not get up then, I managed to hold out until 7. I doubt I'll know what set me off. There hadn't seemed to be anything of enough quantity to cause it. C'est la vie!


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