Life Or Death by Michael Robotham | Book Review

Audie Palmer has survived 9 years and 364 days in prison. In 24 hours he'll be free and clear. So why has he escaped and guaranteed himself even more time in prison when he's recaptured?

Everyone is looking for him. But he isn't running, he's keeping a promise he made a long time ago. He doesn't know who to trust but he knows his instincts. Can his ex-prison mate, Moss, and FBI agent Desiree Furness get to him before the people who want him dead do?

Sometimes the best books come to you unexpectedly. Life Or Death screamed at me from a table in my hotel. "Read me! Read me! I know you've got thirty other books but you'll love me I promise!" The book was right, always listen to the book!

The blurb intrigued me then the first couple of chapters hooked me in and I had to keep reading.

With Audie, Michael Robotham has managed to create a really likeable character even though for a significant amount of the book you're not really sure how to take him. He's never cruel, he's always considered and you really end up rooting for him.

He's supported by an entire cast of believable characters, each one having their own angle and different perspectives. Too often you find that authors become complacent and outside of the main ensemble less important characters become flat and uninteresting. Not in this though.

At 518 pages it's a substantial read but at no time is it a hard slog to get through. It's written well in plain English with little jargon that can sometimes bog you down.

There are some bits of the story that pop up but don't always get fully explored. It seemed odd to me that we'd flit to the next scene without more explanation or context, but ultimately it didn't need to it help the story flow I just would have liked it for my own knowledge. I'm sure doing that would have added about 100 pages to the length though and even I'd have to admit that might have bored me a bit!

Life Or Death was a nice quick and entertaining read. At the half way point I did guess what the ending was going to be but luckily it left me keen to find out that I was right rather than bored because it was predictable. Definitely one to pick up if you spot it somewhere, I'm going to be having a look at some of his other titles and hoping to find some other titles that catch my eye.

Happy reading!


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