Lanzarote - Day 4

Note to self: must keep up to date with posts!

Today marked the day that I could no longer pull the excuse that "it's the weekend, I don't do things at the weekend" when dad asked if I wanted to go on his morning walk with him.

Mum and I would happily lay on a sun lounger (in or out of the sun) reading our books all day. Dad however does not and as such tends to constantly on the move. A couple we've been chatting with brought it up with me yesterday. "He doesn't like to sit still does he? Where does he go?" Their guess is as good as mine in all honesty. Sometimes he's gone for 5 minutes, sometimes an hour.

This morning was an hour... yes, I was less than pleased! "Well you said you wanted to go to the shops!" I had meant the ones that are a five minute stroll away, but never mind.

We wandered out the front of the hotel and off towards Playa Blanca, dad being tour guide as we went.

"So if I'm going on a short walk I cut down this bit, it comes down next to a supermarket on the front." Then he keeps on walking... oh okay, we're not doing that bit then.

"If you go down this one that's where the crane that looks like a grab machine is and some bars and cafes." Then he keeps on walking... right, not that one either then.

We finally got to the shops in Playa Blanca. Luckily it was still relatively cool, but the heat was picking up a bit, I certainly wouldn't have relished doing it on a clear day. It's only about a mile away, but there's little to no cover so lotion up if you're going to do it!

The shops are much what you'd expect. Perfume, designer stuff... dad specifically told me not to tell mum there's a Desigual shop there... odd little supermarket-esque places and tat shops. The latter is of course what I was looking for, and I wasn't disappointed.

At some point it became tradition to bring back the tattiest bit of holiday crap you can find. This suddenly means that my house has various ornaments in bright colours with place names emblazoned on them. It's difficult to say which is my favourite... possibly the frog statue with the bobble head from Antigua. Recently it has moved to fridge magnets, and I think I've had a fairly successful shopping trip!

Look at it!!!! It's glorious! They had other ones with the camels carrying water jugs but that seemed a little too realistic. To be fair this wasn't the worst one there. I actually quite like this one. I did manage to pick up one for work which really does take the biscuit. It's a beach with a small palm tree on the edge, with a very large dog with his paw on a speaker and of course the traditional "Lanzarote" banner. Why is the dog playing music on a beach? We may never know. The most important question is: Is he playing Who Let the Dogs Out?


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