Lanzarote - Day 7

Today should be described as "rain stopped play". A lot of rain, and some flashy stuff too.

I woke up early to what I thought were the lights flickering but was in fact the small gap along the bottom of my curtains creating enough of a flash to brighten the room.

Outside looked beautiful, despite what it meant for the day. The whole sky, still black at that time of the morning, was sporadically lit up from the lightning on the other side of the volcano. It was truly epic. I took a short video of it but it really doesn't do it justice... and it won't attach properly to this email post so I'm afraid if you want to see it you'll have to whizz over to Twitter.

A lot of new arrivals were due in. It wasn't exactly the best welcome, especially as the journey from terminal to coach stop isn't entirely undercover.

A bit of a freak occurrence, the hotel isn't really equip for constant all day rain, unsurprisingly. It's a bit like the British and snow. So the inside spaces aren't really designed for holding every hotel guest at one time, the main bar was rammed but instead of opening the disco bar in the main building they opened the outdoor pool bar... you know, the one that rains indoors and is out on the bizarrely slippery when not even wet tiled pool area.

We all manage to make do though and people can be found randomly camping in sofa areas that under normal cirucmstances are pretty pointlessly placed.

Even in the rain though everything looks amazing. Once the sun was up and everything was bathed in a vaguely grey light the whole pool area with its red tiles, black ash flower beds and green trees and cacti looked like it had an Instagram filter put over it. I'm annoyed with myself for not getting a picture of it. But I did manage to snap on of the brief calm before the storm.


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