Lanzarote - Day 3

Or as it shall be forever known, the day of excessive food.

To be fair most days on an all inclusive holiday involve an excess of some kind. The first time you ever do one the novelty of the ability to have whatever you want pretty much whenever you want is very exciting. Some places have 24 hour drinking, some 24 hour food. You can have breakfast, mid-morning snacks, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, midnight snacks or ice cream spread throughout the day so no one could possibly go hungry.

Our hotel has a buffet restaurant, a pool bar and restaurant (the one that lets the rain in), an a la carte restaurant, a main bar, a disco bar, a private bar and a cafe... I don't think I missed anything.

In a normal day at home I'll have a croissant or a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a sandwich or a box of something from the food market for lunch, and dinner ranges from nothing to maybe a pizza. On the weekends that dwindles to one random meal in the day dependent of other activities... I know, healthy lifestyle!

Day 3's food intake probably equalled about two or three days of food. Day 4 is mainly going to consist of me working off that food. Why does it have to taste so damned yummy?!


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